It’s Getting to Be That Time of Year For An Outdoor Movie Party

It’s getting to be that time of year when we’re all itching to make use of the good weather and get outside! One of our favorite things to do during this time of year is to host an outdoor movie party. Vegas Projectors makes it super easy for you to host your own movie party and we’d love to help you do it with our top-notch rental equipment packages.

Outdoor Movie Party Ideas

Outdoor Movie Party

  • Watch the classics with your kids in your backyard. One movie that we all love and that we are actually going to see for our own movie party is Newsies – the story about the New York City newspaper boys and how they went on strike. It’s a family musical that everybody will love!
  • Host a movie party at a park (as long as it’s permitted). Some of our favorite places are:
    1. Floyd Lamp Park at Tule Springs
    2. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
    3. Hemenway Valley Park
    4. Clark County Wetlands Park
    5. Springs Preserve
    6. Mount Charleston
    7. Sunset Park
    8. Lake Mead National Recreation Area
    9. Valley of Fire State Park
    10. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Make sure you have plenty of good food and drinks. Our favorites include popcorn, nacho chips, cookies, candy, soda, and lots of water.
  • Make sure you have plenty of space for seating. Since our projectors have both vertical and horizontal keystone correction, you have the projector off to the side of the projector screen (rather than being required to position the projector immediately in front of the screen) and have your audience right in front. We also love the keystone correction because it helps to keep all the cables and control stuff out of the way so that nobody is tripping on it. We’ve found that pulling out lawn chairs, mattresses, or even just lying down on a simple blanket with lots of pillows strewn about can make your backyard movie party that much more comfortable.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment! We can’t stress this one enough! Vegas Projectors can certainly help you with this. Whenever we get a call about a projector, screen, or speakers rental, we like to ask you just a few questions to make sure we get the right audio visual equipment to you. We’ve done this a ton and there are a few tricks that we’d love to share with you depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your event.

Indoor Presentation Ideas

Dance Party

If hosting an outdoor movie party isn’t your thing, you might consider what you can do with our equipment indoors. We’ve helped with just about any event you can imagine. From weddings, funerals, birthday parties, business presentations, video game competitions, charities, dances, and everything in between, you can count on us to provide the equipment and expertise you need to make it a success! Here are a few ideas of what we might be able to help you with:

  • Powerpoint business presentation with a projector and large projector screen to be held in some swanky hotel such as the Bellagio or the Venetian, or any of the plethora of hotels along the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Show a slideshow of your favorite memories with your wedding guests when you host your wedding party at a place like Emerald at Queensridge or Wedgewood Las Vegas at Stallion Mountain.
  • Host a video game championship for your favorite games. Playing Halo or Call of Duty on a huge screen can be amazingly fun!
  • If you’re farther out of downtown in a place like Henderson, Boulder City, Summerlin, or Rhodes Ranch, you might think about hosting a movie night at your local community center.

Whatever You’re Doing, Vegas Projectors Can Help

We have many years of experience planning, setting up, and presenting for just about any event you can think of. Our audio visual equipment is always like new, super easy to use, and gives you the highest quality you can rent at an affordable price. Our rental packages come with everything you might need to connect to your laptop or other video device. We’d love to have you rent from us.

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